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List of the countries that cannot participate in the competition.
Prohibited Countries
American Samoa
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Sri Lanka
Trading Competition T&Cs
  1. You (User)
  2. Cryptology, Cypher Trading Ltd, a private Limited Liability company incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles with company registration number 213884 (Us)
To participate, you agree to these terms and conditions and the Futures Contracts Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge that futures trading present a high level of risk, and you acknowledge that you understand the risks and agree to proceed at your own discretion.

  1. Sign-up for an account.
  2. Make a deposit (if you deposit Rubles there is a minimum if 1,000 Rubles)
  3. Place trades on futures contracts
  1. All accepted countries by Cryptology. Expressly excluding the United States and other countries where virtual currency trading is restricted
  2. Futures Contracts terms and conditions apply
  3. This promotion is available for current and new users
  4. This promotion is limited to a fixed period of time and will expire on August 8, 2020
  1. All transactions are settled in BTC in accordance with the Futures Contracts terms and conditions
  2. Fiat deposits are secured according to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
  3. Withdrawals are available only in virtual currency and processed once per day
  4. All trades are executed and settled in BTC
  1. We will calculate the most profitable trader automatically and display the winners on this page. The information will be updated once per week
  2. Winners will be notified via email and the bonus prize will be settled to their account automatically and up to 3 days after the conclusion of the competition.
JULY 8—15
1st Week Winners
Thank all the participants and congratulate the winners

1. $1000 → sta***, Transaction Link
2. $500 → nor***, Transaction Link
3. $500 → tom***, Transaction Link
4. $500 → nki***, Transaction Link
5. $200 → and***, Transaction Link
6. $200 → ast***, Transaction Link
7. $200 → tal***, Transaction Link
8. $200 → joe***, Transaction Link
9. $200 → mic***, Transaction Link
10. $200 → lja***, Transaction Link
JULY 16—22
2nd Week Winners
Thank all the participants and congratulate the winners!

1. $1000 → ras***, Transaction link
2. $500 → lja***, Transaction link
3. $500 → ros***, Transaction link
4. $500 → mas***, Transaction link
5. $200 → ess***, Transaction link
6. $200 → mon***, Transaction link
7. $200 → jsn***, Transaction link
8. $200 → mic***, Transaction link
9. $200 → ast***, Transaction link
10. $200 → les***, Transaction link

JULY 23—29
3rd Week Winners
Thank all the participants and congratulate the winners!

1. $1000 → tom*** Transaction link
2. $500 → los*** Transaction link
3. $500 → ros*** Transaction link
4. $500 → mle*** Transaction link
5. $200 → sde*** Transaction link
6. $200 → zis*** Transaction link
7. $200 → rod*** Transaction link
8. $200 → nki*** Transaction link
9. $200 → opp*** Transaction link
10. $200 → zat*** Transaction link
July 30 — August 5
4th Week Winners
Thank all the participants and congratulate the winners!

1. $1000 → dwa*** Transaction link
2. $500 → sde*** Transaction link
3. $500 → ras*** Transaction link
4. $500 → pur*** Transaction link
5. $200 → qim*** Transaction link
6. $200 → zis*** Transaction link
7. $200 → rud*** Transaction link
8. $200 → nki*** Transaction link
9. $200 → lik*** Transaction link
10. $200 → pak*** Transaction link

Futures Trading Competition
Win up to 9000 USDT
The more profit you get – the more chances to win you have
Trading competition was finished on August 8, 2020. Table of Winners

Competition is over
Final Results of the Futures Trading Competition
Additional achievements and rewards
Perpetual Contracts Trading Competition
What Prize Can I Get?
Weekly Prizes
Final Prizes
Master Satoshi
1000 USDT
For the 1st place
Crypto Hunter
500 USDT
For the 2nd - 4th places
Mommy's Trader
200 USDT
For the 5th - 10th places
5000 USDT
For the 1st place
BTC Veteran
3500 USDT
For the 2nd - 4th places
Daddy's Trader
2000 USDT
For the 5th - 10th places
Steps of Competition
Tuesday, March 14
1st Week, July 8—15
1st Week, July 8—15
2nd Week, July 16—22
2nd Week, July 16—22
3rd Week, July 23—29
3rd Week, July 23—29
4th Week, July 30 — August 5
4th Week, July 30 — August 5
Final Results, August 8
Final Results, August 8
TOP 10 Best Participants
Weekly Results
Total Results
The last update was at 9.12 pm GMT, August 8
From July 8, 12:00 to August 8, 12:00
The time zone is GTM
How to Win
Create an Account
Create an account on the Cryptology trading platform.
Trade Futures Contracts
Make a deposit and start trading futures contracts.
Make a Profit
Open a long or a short position and close it, when you get a profit. The more profit you get – the more chances to win you have.
Even More Prizes
Deposit, trade, unlock achievements & get rewards
Made the
Most Trades
100 USDT
the Most
A man of his word
100 USDT
Traded with the Biggest Leverage
Bonnie & Clyde
100 USDT
Made the
Least Trades
Sofa troops
100 USDT
Made the
Biggest Deposit
Uncle Scrooge
100 USDT
100 USDT
Competition Rules
Any Cryptology user who traded contracts during the competition will automatically become a member.
The competition runs from July 8, 2020 to August 8, 2020.
The table is updated every day, the time and date of the last update is indicated in the table.
Residents of all countries are allowed to participate, except those indicated on this list.
There will be 2 types of draws: weekly (every week on Wednesdays) and final (on August 8, 2020).
You can trade any Contracts (Futures) pairs available on our trading platform.
Prize assets will be sent to your account within 3 days after the announcement of the results.
Cryptology reserves the right to change the rules of the competition, cancel it, as well as disqualify participants that violate the rules.
Use Your Chance to Win 9000 USDT
Create an account and start trading
Still Have Questions?
Frequently asked questions about the Trading Competition and the answers to them
How to participate in the trading competition?
To participate in the trading competition, you should just start trading, open orders on futures.
How to make a deposit and trade futures contracts?
To make a deposit and trade on Cryptology, follow this guide.
What are the dates of the trading competition?
Competition dates: July 8 - August 8, 2020
How do I know that I won?
We will announce the winner on our social networks by indicating the email address that he or she used during registration and hiding several characters of the email message in order to preserve confidential information.
What is the minimum deposit?
There is no minimum deposit for this competition.
Where will you announce the results?
We will announce the winner in our social networks.
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